Ashley is irritated as Laurel pushes him into setting a date for the vow renewals, but he reluctantly agrees to the Thursday before Christmas. Marlon is gutted that Laurel is renewing her vows, and Ashley simmers as he watches the pair talking in the café. Back home, Laurel is speechless when Ashley finally cracks and asks if she has slept with Marlon. Ashley pushes for a straight answer, but is floored when Laurel admits that she had feelings for him. Laurel makes excuses for her closeness to Marlon, saying that she loves Ashley and couldn't betray him. Ashley pushes her as to whether she loves Marlon, but leaves devastated when Laurel hesitates to answer. Marlon sees Ashley and realises that he knows, so he heads over to try and comfort a distressed Laurel. But Laurel pushes Marlon away - she wants Ashley. Meanwhile, Nikhil is delighted when Gennie tells him that she's going to dump Nicky as she can't fight her feelings for him. She agrees to meet Nikhil later and wants him to shred her resignation letter. In the pub, Nicky tells Gennie that he's getting her a puppy and she gets emotional, overwhelmed by his kindness. However, despite his generosity, Gennie explains that she can't be with him. Nicky is devastated and warns Gennie off Nikhil, saying he is twisted and a liar. Elsewhere, Jai's suspicious when Priya won't give anything away about her new man; Debbie feels guilty about not letting Cameron get closer while Alicia puts on a brave face for Debbie and tells her that Andy's got his job back with John.


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