Charity is stunned when Jai suggests that they should postpone the wedding, annoyed that Cain has got what he wants. Charity fumes with anger and turns on Cain - warning that if he doesn't back off, she will tell Debbie about Amy. However, Charity is horrified when Cain threatens that the Sharmas' run of bad luck could get much worse. Later, Jai sees Cain in The Woolpack and warns him to keep away from him and his family. The reality of the situation hits home for Charity when she sees Cain making a gun firing gesture at Jai - it scares her. Back at home, Charity reluctantly agrees to call the wedding off, admitting to Jai that she is scared. Jai visits Cain to inform him of the decision - he realises that he's losing this one but warns that Cain will pay. Meanwhile, Zak is concerned as Belle seems to get upset every time she sees Amy, but Belle insists there's nothing wrong. Amy worries that the game might be up when Zak comes into the shop, reminding her that they had an arrangement she would go to him if she was in trouble. Belle comes in and quietly assures Amy that she's said nothing. Elsewhere, Katie wonders why she is still with Declan when he continues to shut her out, while Ali talks to Chas about Dan and the kids.


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