Declan refuses to tell Jai where he has laid Mia's ashes. When he is then dismissive with Katie, it leaves her determined to end things before she gets in too deep. Katie decides to tell Declan that she's feeling hurt he is so distant and that she gets nothing from him. Katie heads home, where Gennie thinks she's done the right thing by ending it. Nikhil is just about to give his opinion when Declan knocks on the door. Katie is upset, explaining that she doesn't want to end up like Ella and that's why she's finishing it now. However, Katie is gobsmacked when Declan says that he doesn't want to lose her. Katie realises how serious he is when he drops the big question. Meanwhile, Jai gets home to find Cain and Priya together. He tells Priya about cancelling the wedding as Cain kisses her before leaving. Jai tries to talk to his defiant sister and as they begin to row, Jai grabs Priya and she falls. Georgia, Rishi and Charity arrive, alarmed to see the pair fighting. Charity's appalled at what Cain has pushed Jai to. Elsewhere, Pollard's doubtful when Val tries to convince him that adopting Amy is the right thing to do, while Chas is pleased but Hazel's thrown when Aaron announces that he's going on a course for a few weeks.


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