Zak tells Belle that he's worried about her and for a second it looks as if she might crack and confess her worries. Soon afterwards, Belle confronts Cain - telling him that he didn't think through the consequences of his actions. When Belle sees Amy's pleading looks, she covers by making out that she was talking about Moira rather than Amy. Later, Amy is horrified to see the social worker's car outside the B&B, unaware that Val is having a consultation over her adoption idea. Amy quizzes Belle about what she's said, suspecting that is why the social worker has turned up. Amy soon starts experiencing painful twinges and her waters break. Hidden in the village cemetery, Amy panics as she grips her stomach. Meanwhile, Cain tells Priya that Jai was out of order yesterday and needs to be taught a lesson. Soon afterwards, Jai is shocked as the police arrive and he is arrested for assault, eventually receiving a caution. Later, Charity finds Cain in the pub, where Zak has to stop her going for him. Charity tells Priya that he's using her and warns Cain that there will be payback. Elsewhere, Chas takes a delivery of flowers for Katie and she and Gennie are shocked when Katie tells them about Declan's proposal; Val is gutted to be told that she can't adopt Amy as she's nearly 18 and it's a lengthy procedure; Bob's concerned for Hazel when she tries to cover her upset over Aaron going away on a course; while Declan presents Katie with a diamond ring and proposes again.


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