When Penny laughs off Joe's proposal, he goes missing. Fortunately, Peggy finds him a few hours later.


Jack wakes up with Joe beside him following the party. Gwen and David argue over planning breakfast, he wants bacon and eggs but she reminds him he's supposed to be a vegan. He turns the argument around to be about Jack and storms off to cook. Gwen announces she's moving out. Annie and Sam discuss Henry's sudden interest in the running of the farm. Janie and Frank have had their first row following the party; Sam and Henry arrive and detect an atmosphere. Henry asks Sam who has the best herd of cows in the area, while Frank tells Henry that if you keep pigs penned up, they become savage. Henry looks thoughtful. Joe and Penny have breakfast together, she wants him to stay at Emmerdale Farm. He proposes to Penny but she laughs not taking him seriously and he storms out. David pleads with Gwen not to leave. Joe has gone missing. David apologises to Henry for not turning up for work, he explains he's been ill and asks to be reinstated. Henry agrees. Matt arrives and says Joe is with Peggy; Penny asks if she can go back with him as she might be able to cheer him up. David and Gwen talk to Jack about obtaining electricity in the millhouse. Frank and Janie kiss and make up. Henry decides he's not going ahead with the pig unit, mainly because of Jack's protest. He mentions to Annie that the plans he has concerns "us" and hints that he's not just talking about the company.


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