Jai enters the pub covered in blood and Chas wants to know what's happened to Cain. Amy is missing from the house and when Val and Pollard hear the sirens, they worry about her whereabouts. David rushes out as the paramedics work on Cain's body, trying to bring him round. Debbie's distraught to see it's her dad and Zak emerges, taking in the scene. Chas panics when she sees Cain being stretchered into the ambulance and Debbie goes with him as an unmarked police car arrives. In the pub, Charity frantically tries to wash blood off her clothes. Officers begin questioning and soon realise Cain wasn't short of enemies. John pulls up in his car, but on seeing the scene, he reverses and drives off. In The Woolpack, everyone is shocked when Jai and Charity are arrested for the attempted murder of Cain and bundled into separate police cars. Meanwhile, as Cain is rushed into resuscitation, a distraught Debbie hurries behind, fraught with worry. The doctor wants to get the CT scan as soon as possible as Cain's pulse begins to slow. Cameron and Chas break the news to Debbie that her mother has been arrested and Debbie is horrified that Charity could be responsible. Elsewhere, the Barton kids are suspicious of John but Holly gives him a false alibi, while Val and Eric are unconvinced when Amy explains she needed some air.


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