Laurel and Ashley are concerned when Sandy says that he won't be at the ceremony. At the same time, Ashley is railroaded into going for a stag night drink with Jimmy, while Nicola suggests a hen night for Laurel. Later, Jimmy and Carl are amused when Ashley enters the pub with Jude and Marlon is uncomfortable when he is invited to join them. Ashley is gutted and leaves the party when he realises that Jimmy knows about Laurel and Marlon - distraught that everyone's talking about him. Laurel is shocked when Ashley bursts in and confronts her about telling Nicola. Later, Marlon apologises to Ashley, but Ashley is furious and further incensed when Marlon suggests the vow renewal is a sham. Meanwhile, as the Pollard family visit baby Kyle, Amy is uncomfortable as Val coos over him. Amy panics when Kyle cries as she holds him, but Val reassures her that she'll soon get used to it. Back home, Val wants to talk to Amy, hopeful about her bringing Kyle back. However, Amy remains torn over what to do. Elsewhere, Adam is desperate to have Moira home for Christmas but Holly won't agree; Nikhil's behaviour is becoming unreasonable and Gennie forces him to address it; while Chas is shocked to learn from Aaron just how bad Cain's prognosis is.


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