Laurel's anger about Ashley's confrontation evaporates when he gives her a necklace. It looks like the vow renewal will go ahead, but Ashley is exasperated when Sandy explains why he won't be attending and doesn't want to be involved. Despite his father's refusal, Ashley is determined to plough on with the day. At the same time, Marlon is at home resisting the urge to contact Laurel. He calls in sick to work, explaining that he can't do the catering for the reception. When Paddy and Rhona hear that Marlon has phoned in sick they are immediately suspicious. When they confront Marlon, he confesses that his married woman is in fact Laurel. Rhona and Paddy are shocked by the revelation. Marlon then offloads to the pair about his feelings for Laurel. Just before the ceremony, Ashley is frustrated to hear from a visiting police officer that Sandy has had an accident and needs collecting from the station. Awaiting the start of the ceremony, Laurel is unnerved to hear that Ashley has been delayed. Ashley ushers Sandy back home with his sprained ankle, still determined that Sandy will not ruin his day. However, rather than heading straight to the ceremony, Ashley finds himself at Daniel's grave. When Ashley doesn't show up at the church, Laurel is anxious to learn that he left home ages ago. Hearing that Ashley has gone AWOL and blinded by his love, Marlon makes a decision and, against Paddy's advice, he leaves to go and find Laurel. Elsewhere, Jai returns to work, telling Nikhil that he has a business to run.


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