With the pressure of Christmas and all the questions about Kyle, Amy is confused about her feelings for the baby and asks Debbie what she should do. Both Debbie and Amy realise how much Kyle already means to Zak, who is on his way to hospital to visit him. Soon afterwards, Val is emotional when Amy announces that she wants to bring Kyle home. Later, at the hospital, the nurse enters and hands the baby to his mother. Amy takes hold of Kyle, but it's clear from her expression that she is concerned she may be making a huge mistake. Soon the family are home with baby Kyle and Val can barely contain her delight. Eric wonders if Amy could be having doubts, but Amy does her best to smile and insists this will be her best Christmas ever. Elsewhere, Laurel stresses when questioned about Marlon and Ashley at the Christmas party; Nikhil is anxious about Jai's situation and voices his concerns to Gennie; Charity wants to help Jai but he's unconvinced that talking to Cain will change anything; while Alicia feels that Jacob is being left out when she sees the castle Andy has got for Sarah for Christmas.


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