Amy struggles with Kyle being home as she is feeling useless, while Val adds to the problem by being overly involved. The Dingles are overjoyed to hear that Kyle is home, but their visit leaves Amy feeling overwhelmed. Eric advises Val to take a step back and Amy is sent up to bath Kyle on her own. However, Amy feels very nervous handling him on her own, and as she sets about bathing him, she feels a flood of emotions and zones out from what she is doing. In the nick of time, Val rushes in and catches Kyle before he slips under the water. Embarrassed and shocked, Amy flees the room. Victoria follows her and Amy eventually voices her fears that she is not good enough to be a mother to Kyle. Amy then makes a final decision over Kyle's future, with huge repercussions for them all. Meanwhile, Alicia has to force a smile at the sight of all Sarah's lavish presents, as Jacob has got nothing in comparison. Alicia can't resist making snide comments to Debbie, and the pair's bickering ruins the atmosphere. The situation reaches a new peak when Debbie slams Alicia's face into her plate of Christmas dinner. Later, with the dinner finished, Debbie wants to go and visit Cain. Cain is reflective about his life when Debbie wants to know what she should do about Cameron and taking her pregnancy test. Back home, Cameron leaves when Debbie tells him that she wants to do a pregnancy test. In the end, the test is negative and Debbie's heart breaks as she reads the result, fearing the worst for Sarah's future. Elsewhere, during her shift at the pub, Moira finally plucks up the courage to go to her family - but she loses confidence when she hears them laughing as she approaches. Moira can't bring herself to knock on the door and leaves without seeing them. Inside the house, the family's frustrations boil over and Hannah's left upset after Holly has an outburst about Moira not coming up to see them. Later, Moira's devastated when an angry Adam comes to find her at the pub. Towards the end of the day, John finds the presents Moira has left for them in the barn and breaks down in tears to see one of the tags is addressed to him. Also, Sandy is suspicious when Ashley invites everyone round for Christmas dinner and there's an awkward atmosphere; Chas spends the day feeling hurt that Aaron hasn't got her a present but she later finds it balanced on top of the tree; Belle shares a kiss with Sean; while Hazel visits Jackson's grave.


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