Alicia tells Andy that she understands what he and Debbie have to do, but can't be around while it's going on, so she is moving back to David's. Andy is gutted when she leaves with her bag, telling him that it's never going to work. Debbie is very concerned over how Cameron will react when she hears that Alicia has finished with Andy. Cameron's rage boils over when she tells him and Debbie is shocked and scared by his reaction as he looms over her, punching the wall. With Cameron's temper at boiling point, neither of them notice Sarah, who has come downstairs. Cameron then storms out, ashamed. At the pub, Jimmy is bewildered when Cameron suggests a business idea to him out of the blue - they could open offices down south. Cameron returns home feeling terrible for his actions but is still glowering as he takes Debbie in his arms. Meanwhile, Zak is in a bad mood and made more furious when he sees Sean kiss Belle. Zak angrily threatens Sean, which appals Lisa. Soon afterwards, Sean goes home and tells a sceptical Ali that Zak threatened him. As Zak sits brooding, Ali arrives to tear a strip off him, adding that Belle's not so innocent either. Later, Zak tries to talk to Belle, but she stands her ground. Elsewhere, Charity is frustrated when Debbie warns her and Jai to stay away as Cain's coming home, while Marlon agrees to a night out with Rachel but she's disappointed that he wants to invite Paddy too.


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