Aaron is unimpressed when Zak advises him to stay away from Jai, while Chas is annoyed when Diane agrees to Charity and Jai having their reception at The Woolpack. At the same time, Cameron is sick of all the domestics as he tells Debbie how Chas and Charity were at each other's throats again. Later, Charity is fed up as she and Jai watch the glaziers clear up the mess caused by Aaron, but they're united when he tells her all that matters is them being together and getting married. Meanwhile, Ashley feels positive about his and Laurel's trip, but is irritated by Sandy's attitude as they're about to head off. Ashley's pleased Laurel is enjoying herself as they sit in a busy restaurant, both trying to make things right. Elsewhere, Amy worries that Eric and Val's rowing is her fault, while Chas is impressed at how John handles Aaron and Zak tells Lisa that he was the one who attacked Cain.


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