It's the day that Amy must sign the adoption papers, but she and Eric are baffled by Val's breezy attitude. Amy is clearly feeling worried about the day ahead, while Eric is not convinced by Val's sincerity as she tells the troubled teenager that she wants what's best for her. Val stays with Amy when Lydia and Kath arrive with the papers, comforting her as she's about to sign. However, Amy wants Val to leave when she tries to change her mind. Val is then heartbroken when she sees Amy sign. Soon afterwards, Amy worries that Eric and Val may split up. Eric tries to insist that they won't, but it's clear even he is not convinced. Amy then makes an announcement, telling them that she is moving into David's. Val is gutted and verbally lashes out at Amy, while Eric is disgusted by his wife's attitude. Meanwhile, Sarah is upset that she's not allowed on the school trip. Jacob feigns an illness so he doesn't have to go either, and while Debbie is distracted, he sneaks off with Sarah. Debbie panics that Sarah has gone and blames Alicia. Later, Alicia feels bad as Sarah returns covered in mud and Debbie thinks Jacob might have pushed her, leading to more bickering between the two women. Elsewhere, Brenda suggests that Rodney should get a job at the café but he turns it down, Hazel is comforted by Aaron's presence as she talks to him, while Katie is clearly happy with Declan and Chas wonders if she regrets turning down his proposal.


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