Laurel is happy, believing this could be a new start as she rushes to get a pregnancy test. Ashley is shocked when Laurel shows him she has a pregnancy test kit, and it's not the reaction she had hoped for. Laurel is devastated when she realises that Ashley thinks it could be Marlon's. As Laurel goes upstairs to do the test, Ashley is left feeling a multitude of emotions. In the bathroom, Laurel looks at the test result, realising that her marriage is in crisis. Ashley can barely conceal his relief when she tells him that it was a false alarm and she's not expecting a baby. Ashley is then left devastated when Laurel says they should split up and leaves. Meanwhile, Chas is unimpressed when Aaron walks out of Zak's party. Later, however, there's a moment between Zak and Aaron and the pair shake hands in a truce. Elsewhere, Amelia is upset when Sean brings home a dead rabbit, Gennie plans for Nikhil to move in permanently, while Carl is forced to agree to Rodney's terms when he threatens to tell the police the truth.


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