Aaron lies to Chas and Paddy about the bruise on his head, insisting that he's fine. He also tells Paddy that he hit his head on a car bonnet. However, Chas is concerned when she and Paddy realise that Aaron has told them different stories. Soon afterwards, Bob informs Chas that Hazel has been encouraging Aaron to leave with her, leading to an argument when Chas bangs on Hazel's door. When Aaron arrives, he is upset by the row and explains to Hazel that he injured himself because of her. When Chas and Paddy leave Aaron and Hazel to talk alone, Aaron explains that she has to go without him - as it's the only way they're ever going to move on from Jackson. Meanwhile, John ignores Moira when he takes the meat delivery to the pub. With John unreceptive, Moira takes matters into her own hands and decides to visit, but she arrives amid the chaos of a family argument. Seeing Hannah upset, Moira instinctively goes to hug her - before vowing to return tomorrow to help with the accounts. Elsewhere, the Sharmas are frustrated that Jai and Nikhil are still not speaking to each other, Ashley visits Marlon and says that they need to put things behind them and make a fresh start, Laurel tells Sandy that they are staying in the village, while Ruby and Ali have more financial difficulties.


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