Cain is broken after Charity's wedding and snaps when Sarah talks about it. Debbie is glad to have Cameron back as she cuddles up to him, but Cameron fumes when Andy approaches - concerned about Debbie. Cameron is soon irritated further as Andy brings chocolates for Debbie. Later, Debbie is uncomfortable as she sits with Andy in the pub and texts Chas to rescue her. Diane is shocked when Andy admits that he and Debbie slept together and he thinks he's in love with her. Meanwhile, Sam is walking through the woods with his shotgun, as Sean looks for animals in traps. Sam panics when he nearly shoots Sean, who then runs home. When Sam confesses to Declan that he almost shot Sean and offers to resign, Declan won't let him - telling him that he will deal with the Spencers. Later, at Home Farm, the Spencers apologise to Declan - but Ali is gutted when Declan tells her that she has 21 days to pay back the rent she owes. Elsewhere, Nikhil decides to move back to Jai's but later realises that he should give the newlyweds some space and continue staying with Gennie, while Holly isn't pleased about John's chemistry with Chas.


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