Diane is worried for Andy when she sees Debbie and Cameron being affectionate. She tries to talk to Andy about what she has seen, but he insists that she's wrong and closes down the conversation. Soon afterwards, Andy panics when he hears that Debbie is at the doctors' without him, but Diane advises him not to push things. During her appointment, Debbie feels judged by Dr Abbott when she's asked what she'll do if the baby's not a match. Debbie leaves the appointment shaken, and is pleased to see Andy waiting. Later, Cameron sees Andy comforting Debbie and he and Andy lock eyes. Back at Tug Ghyll, Cain warns Cameron to watch out for Andy. Meanwhile, Holly is concerned about John going to The Woolpack because of Chas, and takes the meat delivery herself in order to give John and Moira a chance to talk. However, John's angry to be left with Moira - telling her she is still not forgiven. Chas hides her hurt when Holly arrives at the pub, telling her that she's brought the order because John and Moira were having a nice time together. Moments later, though, John brings in the rest of the order that Holly had missed and sends his daughter home. Chas flirts with John and is later pleased when she sees that Aaron has a relaxed attitude towards her and John. Elsewhere, Rodney blackmails Carl into buying his car, Ali and Ruby owe Declan £1,000 in rent and Ali makes it known that she has found a house to rent on their old estate, while Jai teases Charity that he has to go away without her - but she's thrilled when he produces two tickets for their honeymoon in Paris.


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