Moira apologises to John for what happened with Chas, but at work, she's hurt when she again notices a spark between the pair. She is further gutted when Chas nips out, knowing she's following John out. Marlon worries for Moira as he watches her pour herself a stiff drink - blaming herself for losing everything. At the same time, Chas tries to gauge John's motives and intentions as they sit outside in his 4x4. John is shocked but left interested when Chas leaves the vehicle telling him that if he's serious, he needs to ask her out properly. Meanwhile, Val is disappointed that Amy is still being distant and refuses to join her on a trip into town. Later, Val feels dejected when Amy refuses to go to Portugal with her to see Paul. Val argues with Eric and he tells her that if she goes, it won't be with his blessing. Elsewhere, Rodney tells Carl to give him a further £10,000 or he will ruin him, Debbie is unsettled when Andy tells her about Cameron's warning, while Zak appears distracted when Lisa asks him if he'll be at the factory later to start his job.


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