Nicola suspects there's something going on between Jimmy and Carl, and she's later shocked when she sees Rodney's picture in the paper with an article about how he was lucky to avoid a prison charge. Jimmy feels guilty as he tells her about Rodney taking the convictions for Carl and blackmailing him over it. Later, Rodney feels guilty as he is forced to explain everything to Nicola. Nicola is torn, but reluctantly agrees not to go to the police. She then begins to plot against Jimmy and Carl - asking Rodney not to say anything about her decision to them just yet. Meanwhile, Val is upset that Amy didn't tell her about Kyle's new family. Later, Eric comforts Amy when she explains that Kyle's new family have said they don't want to meet her. Over at The Woolpack, Diane warns Val that if she carries on how she is, she will lose everyone. Elsewhere, Ashley is pleased that things are going well as he asks Laurel if she fancies a night at the cinema.


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