Amy has gone AWOL and is dressed up for a night out and asleep on the bus with an unexplained black eye. Unable to face Val, Amy heads to the Dingles' place, where she cries when Belle hands her a photo of Kyle. Soon afterwards, Val is annoyed to hear that Amy is at the Dingles' and leaves to find her. When Val arrives, she is shocked to see Amy's black eye and loses it with her. Later, Val becomes thoughtful when Belle chats to her about how Amy coped in pregnancy. A remorseful Val eventually tells Amy that she wants them all to move on. However, Diane is shocked when Val tells her that, despite making up with Amy, she still wants revenge on Eric. Meanwhile, Nicola enjoys having power over Carl and threatens that she could still turn him in to the police. Nicola is livid when Jimmy tells her that the money to pay off Rodney came from the business and without it they can't carry on. Rodney's shocked as Nicola explains that he will have to give the money back. Rodney is ready to play hardball as he hands Jimmy a cheque, saying it comes with a few demands. Elsewhere, Moira finally snaps as she argues with Chas over John, Adam's anger over John and Chas builds, while Ashley has a special meal with Laurel but becomes resentful when Sandy interrupts to say he's cut himself and needs to be taken to A&E.


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