Moira is distraught and has phoned in sick while Marlon comforts her. At the same time, Aaron tells Adam that he has fixed the quad bike, but neither of them is prepared to make the first move to make up. Later, Chas is surprised when John arrives and they arrange for her to go to his house. Brenda is astonished to see Chas getting into John's car and kissing him. At the farm, Chas makes the first move and they fall into a passionate embrace. Meanwhile, Katie begins to enjoy herself at Declan's, but she's curious when she finds an 'application for planning permission document'. Nicola is also taken aback as she reads it when Katie leaves the room. Later in The Woolpack, Charity eavesdrops as Katie tells Gennie about Declan's plans for the council's building work - and Katie panics in the café when Jimmy asks if she can put in a good word with Declan about using his business for the new access road. Elsewhere, Eric's passport goes missing, while Ali is unenthusiastic when Ruby wants to show her a flat she has found close to their old place.


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