Eric hopes things will settle with Val after her and Amy's holiday, but he's worried when Diane suggests that Val might be doing a runner. He tries to convince himself that she has got it wrong, but questions Val's intentions as she's getting ready to leave. Val is caught as she tries to brush off Eric's concerns but Amy's shocked when Val says that it sounds tempting to stay in Portugal. Diane, Eric and Amy are stunned at Val's venom against Eric as she heads out defiantly and she gets in the taxi - saying goodbye as Eric pleads with her not to go. Meanwhile, Adam is surprised when John tells him that it's over with Chas. Moira later pays a visit to the farm, telling John that she will always love him. However, John denies his feelings for Moira and lays it straight - declaring that he can never forgive her. Elsewhere, Ruby is put out when Ali tells her about Marlon's offer of a loan. Marlon goes to give Rachel the money, but she's mortified when she moves to kiss him and he pulls away.


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