John and Moira decide to speak to the kids, and Moira is sick with guilt as she tells them about the divorce. John's heart breaks as he watches Moira leave the house, and he hurls a mug at the wall in utter turmoil. Later, John visits Moira to ask how it went at the solicitors. Moira is unsure of his feelings as they both reminisce. Moira tries to suss out what John is feeling, explaining that she still loves him but he has to truthfully tell her what he wants. Moira then breaks down in tears as John finally confesses he doesn't want a divorce. Meanwhile, Ali is gobsmacked when Ruby tells her that she has the money to pay Declan. Ali is furious with Ruby, seeing how selfish she has been to have had this money hidden despite their worries and lack of funds to even feed the kids. Later, Ruby apologises for having the savings hidden, insisting that she wants to make it work if Ali will let her. Elsewhere, Zak treats Lisa to lunch at the B&B, but Lisa is concerned for Zak when he complains about the meal and leaves.


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