Katie asks Jai about Megan's background, so Jai warily explains that she once had a deal with Declan that went very wrong. At the same time, Declan explains to Megan that he really needs her on board with the festival and wants her skills to get the Bartons back on side. However, Megan is not sure, leaving Declan frustrated. Over a tense lunch, Declan gets the impression that Megan won't be taking the job. Later, while alone with Megan, Katie stands her ground when Megan has a dig and the pair face off. In the end, Katie and Declan are surprised when Megan announces that she will go and see the Bartons, but as Declan opens the champagne, Katie is left wondering what she has to put up with. Meanwhile, Zak seems disinterested when Lisa reminds him about going to the Bartons. He heads up to Butlers Farm and attempts to help fix a fence post, but feels helpless around them - unable to offer comfort or support. Elsewhere, Gennie starts to worry about Nikhil's obsession with exercise, Ashley continues to be frustrated with Sandy, while Andy makes it clear to Cameron that he'll stay away from Debbie but will be there for Sarah.


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