Lisa is about to call the police over Zak's disappearance when he strolls in, leaving her and Sam stunned. Lisa wants to know where he's been, but Zak is uneasy as he can't remember and tries to cover. Lisa is astounded by his attitude and frustrated by his lack of answers, while he feels guilty for upsetting his family. Later, Lisa is more frustrated than ever when Zak won't talk about the matter, assuring her that it's nothing to do with her. Towards the end of the day, Debbie reminds Zak that Sarah needs the whole family to pull together. Meanwhile, as Laurel and Ashley enjoy spending quality time together, Diane worries that Sandy doesn't look well at the pub. Diane and Pearl take Sandy into the back room as he feels dizzy, but he refuses to get Ashley involved. Later, Laurel and Ashley are getting cosy when Sandy and Pearl walk in, with Pearl explaining that Sandy had a funny turn. Laurel is concerned, but Ashley is annoyed that his evening has been ruined. Ashley lays into Sandy while an oblivious Laurel runs a bath upstairs. Elsewhere, Declan is annoyed when Adam warns that the Maceys won't get anything from his family, Megan is intrigued when Katie warns her about Carl, Gennie feels terrible when Nikhil trips over her bag and hurts his ankle, while Adam loses it when he sees the order of service for the funeral and Holly begs him to keep it together for her sake.


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