Alex and Andy are floored when Moira explains that she's selling the farm. Moira visits Declan, but becomes angry and emotional when he refuses to buy the farm. Once Moira has gone, Megan asks Declan if he has reasons for turning such an offer down. Moira is upset after seeing Declan and is in danger of snapping as she tells the kids. Soon afterwards, Adam barges in to have a go at Declan, hating that he has the upper hand. Adam then braces himself to tell Moira his big idea - as he and his sisters don't want to sell up, he suggests he could run the farm. Meanwhile, Amy worries that Eric is blocking all thoughts of Val out. When Eric takes a large booking at the B&B, Amy panics - they can't manage the booking. She tries to cancel it, but is caught by Eric, who is determined to cope without Val. Elsewhere, Rachel gets a hint that something is wrong with Sandy when she hears Ashley patronise him, Marlon is floored when a nervous Rhona tells him that she's thinking of proposing to Paddy, while Charity picks up on tension between Cameron and Debbie.


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