Paddy is suspicious when Rhona tells him that they're going out for dinner. Paddy waits for Rhona at the B&B, but she is late and as his frustrations build, Paddy orders a bottle of wine. When Rhona eventually shows up, Paddy is drunk and Rhona is mortified by his behaviour. The occasion is a disaster. Later, Paddy is flummoxed by Marlon's reaction when he explains what happened during the evening. Marlon breaks the news to Paddy about Rhona's planned proposal, and Paddy is heartbroken - resolving to salvage the night with Rhona. Meanwhile, Cameron feels unsure when Debbie tells him that she's got a date for the test to see whether her baby is a match. Later, Chas suggests that Debbie should make things up to Cameron by taking him away for the night, suggesting the B&B. However, Cameron is uneasy and suspicious when Debbie books for dinner. Elsewhere, Rachel witnesses Ashley shouting at Sandy and gets suspicious when he tells her that she won't be needed as a cleaner for a while, Adam struggles to run the farm, while Eric lacks Val's skills with the diners at the B&B.


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