Aaron decides to phone Ed, but is disappointed when he doesn't call back. Aaron fears he's missed his chance, but is glad when Ed arrives and they go into the back room. Aaron is scared as he decides to brave showing Ed his scars from self harming. However, Ed seems unfazed and as they talk about it, Ed pulls Aaron into a kiss. Wanting time alone together, Ed suggests they could go back to his place for the evening. Aaron covers how gutted he is when Ed tells him that he's leaving for France in four weeks as he has just signed a contract with a rugby club over there. Meanwhile, Debbie suddenly feels lonely and vulnerable at the hospital appointment and asks for Charity, who arrives shortly afterwards. Back at the pub, Chas is distracted by Cameron and feels guilty when she receives a text from Debbie. Later, Debbie feels torn when Charity tells her that she has until tomorrow to sort things out with Cameron before he leaves the village. Elsewhere, Nicola gets home cold and bedraggled, Lisa and Lizzie's party is in full swing, while Zak arrives back home with Sam.


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