Cameron is preparing to leave for Jersey as the Dingles await the test results to see if the baby is a match. Chas is sad but relieved that Cameron is leaving, and feels uncomfortable when Charity explains that she wants to get Cameron and Debbie back together. Debbie is apprehensive when the phone rings. At the garage, Aaron and Cameron hear the cheer from across the road and know it's good news. The Dingles are delighted - the baby is a match. Later, Debbie goes to see Cameron and wants him to stay, but he's unsure - doubting whether their relationship can work. Debbie desperately pleads and eventually Cameron agrees to stay. Meanwhile, Rachel wants to know if Ashley still wants her to clean their home, but he's busy and explains he will discuss it later. As the day continues, Ashley confides in Rachel over how shocked he is by Sandy's frailty. Rachel seems reassured that Ashley seems to care and offers to ask Ruby for some advice. Elsewhere, Moira can't face the day and Holly is left to do all the chores with help from Alex, Marlon insists that Paddy should propose to Rhona, while Aaron and Ed have spent the night together.


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