Ashley tries to help Sandy up out of bed, but loses patience and heads out - leaving Sandy feeling helpless. Rachel then arrives to clean, but Ashley tells her that she isn't needed and feels conflicted as he leaves Sandy in the house alone. In the café, Laurel is confused about Ashley not needing Rachel today and gives her a key so that she can do the ironing. Sandy is mortified when Rachel finds him struggling to strip the bed and she sees that he's had an accident. Later, Ashley returns to find Rachel helping Sandy up and feels genuine guilt when he sees what's happened. Rachel questions how long Sandy has been left in bed alone. As the day continues, Sandy is scared when he hears Ashley telling Laurel that they need to look at care homes. Ashley then prays in church, scared by what he's turning into. Meanwhile, Holly walks into a dingy pub and is told that her old dealer Dan is in prison. However, Vince offers to sell her some gear himself. Holly hands him some money and heads out with heroin. Back at home, Holly feels guilty when her mum apologises, promising that things will get better. Elsewhere, Jimmy is horrified as Nicola suggests a vasectomy, Nikhil has to be taken to A&E after his ankle seizes up during a run, while Paddy and Marlon are excited about the wedding - but it's clear that Rhona's finding it a bit full-on.


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