Laurel snubs Rachel in the café when she accusingly asks about Sandy. At the same time, Ashley checks that Sandy doesn't need anything before he heads out, and Sandy is ashamed at being treated like a child. Later, the pair make their peace - but it doesn't last for long when Arthur chokes on a plastic piece from Sandy's model boat. Laurel and Ashley decide to take Arthur to hospital to be on the safe side. Rachel wonders what to do when Ali tells her about Arthur's accident, worrying that it involved Sandy. She goes to check up on him as Ashley and Laurel arrive back. Soon afterwards, Laurel tries to assure Ashley that it was just an accident and is sympathetic towards Sandy. However, Ashley is hard and bitter, telling his father that he can't trust him. Sandy's left feeling helpless and frightened. Meanwhile, Holly's head is all over the place when Moira suggests that they should think about where to scatter John's ashes. Holly is tempted by the heroin in her bedroom, but is snapped out of it when Moira calls her for tea. The Bartons sit down for the meal and Moira tells them she's thought of a place for John's ashes - down by the river. Elsewhere, Nicola goes all-out to convince Jimmy to have the snip, while Amy is frustrated that Pollard is still moping around and refusing to open the B&B.


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