Marlon is taken aback when a concerned Rachel tells him that she's worried about how Ashley treats Sandy. She's stung and angry when Marlon dismisses her accusations and thinks she's saying it out of spite. At Mulberry Cottage, Sandy realises that Ashley wants him out of the house and is quick to agree as Laurel heads to work. Marlon is then concerned when he spots a downbeat Sandy alone at the pub. Later, Paddy finds Sandy sitting at the bus stop in the cold, but he refuses to be taken home. He finally lets himself in at Mulberry, knocking a table on his way in and waking the kids. Ashley is angry and complains about him spending all afternoon drinking, leaving Sandy feeling guilty. Sandy is then shaken when Ashley takes his keys from him and tells him they'll negotiate a curfew. Meanwhile, Andy is concerned about Adam's attitude over him being farm manager. At the same time, Holly doesn't want to see the drugs worker, but Moira is determined that she must get help. Back from seeing her worker, Holly says that she wants to thank Cain for saving her. Later, in the barn, Adam shifts feed bags - clearly pushing himself beyond the point of exhaustion. Elsewhere, Declan makes Megan a business partner, leaving Charity thwarted when she wants to speak to him about a job, while there's a sense of Aaron fooling himself as he tells Chas and Paddy that he's okay with Ed going to live in France.


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