Cain desperately looks for a way out of the garage as the fire spreads. Hearing his cries for help, Adam panics and accelerates away on his quad. The fire starts to take hold and Cain sees the situation becoming more dangerous. Adam's conscience soon makes him turn back, but he realises that he can't get into the garage and calls the fire brigade. Soon afterwards, Adam kicks the door in and heads into the flames. Aaron sees the fire and alerts Debbie before racing to help, ignoring Bob's warnings. Cain, Adam and Aaron all make it out of the garage and Cain seethes about what Adam has done. Aaron confronts Adam about starting the fire, but seeing how petrified Adam is, tells him to keep quiet. Aaron then implores Cain to spare Adam, promising that he'll never ask anything of him ever again. Meanwhile, Sam gets increasingly agitated when he can't get hold of Zak and Lisa presses him to reveal why he's so worried. Sam heads out to find them, instinctively heading for the pub first. Later, Megan finds Zak and Samson and senses something is awry, so she insists they go back to Home Farm to warm up. Sam then arrives to collect Samson, disgusted with Zak. Elsewhere, Jimmy plays Nicola at her own game by organising a romantic meal - before revealing that it wasn't to seduce her and leaving her alone.


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