As Sandy offers to help with the household chores, Laurel sees the terrible bruising on his wrist and suggests that he should go to hospital. Ashley is quick to offer to take him. Rachel witnesses Ashley trying to bundle Sandy into the car and voices her concerns to Ruby, who tells her to stop interfering. At the hospital, Ashley is anxious as Dr Hargreaves questions how Sandy bruised his wrist, asking why Ashley didn't bring him in earlier. As the doctor takes Sandy for x-ray, Ashley is told to stay behind. Sandy assures Ashley that he didn't say anything, so Ashley unconvincingly suggests that they should put it behind them and start afresh. Meanwhile, Zak sits depressed on the roadside talking to himself, unaware of Megan pulling up in her car. Zak refuses the offer of a lift, and Megan senses that something is not right. Later, Zak is furious when he's refused a pint at the pub, sweeping drinks off the bar in a fury. Diane is forced to bar Zak from the pub. When Lisa hears about this, she gives him an ultimatum - he needs to change or he's out. Elsewhere, Chas reckons that Ed can persuade Aaron to go to France, Alex plays along as Nicola flirts with him to make Jimmy jealous, while Alan helps Sean with his war project.


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