Sandy is taken aback when Gabby regurgitates what Ashley said to her about his fall being an accident. Edna later visits Sandy and is concerned about his injury. Ashley suggests they should leave his dad to get some rest, but Sandy is enjoying the company and wants Edna to stay. That afternoon, Ashley struggles to hide his fear and utter horror when Anna Jennings from Adult Services calls round, wanting to check on Sandy and asking to speak to him alone. Ashley wonders who made the call, but Anna is unable to give out that information. An angry Laurel tells him that it must have been Rachel who made the call, so she heads out to confront her. Meanwhile, Zak is keen to make amends, so he apologises to Belle and Lisa - promising to sort himself out. Zak visits Home Farm to ask for work, and is pleased when Megan says that she'll sort it with Declan. However, all the effort is too much for Zak when he heads to Seth's hide and breaks down sobbing. Elsewhere, Jimmy tells Nicola that he's sick of her games and it's over, Moira is worried about Adam, while Alan is pleased when Sean begins to show interest in his stories about the war.


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