The police arrive in the village to ask Cain more questions about the garage fire, now suspecting that it could have been an insurance job. Once the police have left, Debbie stresses that the garage has been deliberately targeted and is worried about their safety. Cain is then forced to tell a shocked Debbie and Cameron the truth. Debbie is seething and heads straight to see Adam, warning that if the police ask her directly, she will reveal his guilt. Later, Adam is determined to turn himself in, so Holly tries to cause a delay by offering to drive him to the police station. Holly then discreetly contacts Aaron, who quickly arrives to talk Adam out of it - adamant that he needs to be around to look after his family. Adam agrees, but panics when the police arrive. Taking matters into his own hands, Aaron heads out to greet the officers, telling them that he was the one who torched the garage. Meanwhile, it's the day of Jacob's party and David is dreading it. As David makes preparations, Rachel is amused by his lack of enthusiasm. With the party in full swing, David attempts to control the kids and is surprised when Alicia compliments him. Rachel watches him enjoying himself and tries to be casual as she asks Alicia why he's single. After the party, David and Rachel enjoy a couple of drinks together as Alicia heads to the pub. Elsewhere, Amy is frustrated by Brenda's interference at work.


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