Zak is feeling the pressure when Lisa mentions the importance of supporting Chas now that Aaron is gone. The stress heightens when Debbie then suggests that he could help her fix up the burnt-out garage. Zak is close to breaking point as he escapes to the gents at The Woolpack, and he collapses on his way back into the pub. Soon afterwards, Zak is stretchered out by paramedics with a worried Lisa following. At the hospital, Zak is attached to a heart monitor for tests while a concerned Sam arrives with Samson. The doctor asks everyone to wait outside while he speaks to Zak privately. He suggests to Zak that he may have had a panic attack, brought on by stress or depression. The doctor wants to keep Zak in overnight, but he's determined to leave. Zak later keeps the doctor's diagnosis to himself, telling Lisa he's fine. Meanwhile, Ashley sees Edna and Rachel whispering at the Easter egg hunt, and he becomes paranoid that they are gossiping about him. Inside the church, Edna is concerned about Ashley and asks if everything's okay as he seems distracted. However, Ashley is keen to close down the subject, assuring her that he is fine. Later, back at home, Ashley's paranoia gets out of control as he tells Laurel that Rachel was at the church spreading poison about him to Edna. Elsewhere, Chas tells Cameron that she didn't mean anything she said last night and has no feelings for him, but her jealousy shows when she sees him comfort Debbie, Nikhil panics when he sees that Gennie is at work with a stinking cold because he can't bear the germs, Charity forms a plan when she picks up one of Gennie's files and calls the client, while Ali is nervous as Sean helps her to read.


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