Laurel sees Sandy holding his wrist and Ashley is quick to help him, feeling awkward and struggling to look him in the eye. Soon afterwards, Sandy calls social services, unaware that Ashley has walked in behind him. Furious, Ashley takes the phone from his hand, leaving Sandy terrified. Ashley also rips up the business card and asks Sandy what he thought he was doing. That evening, Laurel is concerned when Ashley tells her how much Sandy is struggling. Later, Ashley tells Sandy that he can no longer cope and wants Sandy to go into a home. Sandy is horrified and reminds him that Laurel won't agree to it. Ashley agrees, and so he demands that Sandy must convince Laurel that it's what he wants for himself. Sandy is devastated. Meanwhile, Chas paints on a smile when a man called Luke chats her up on a night out with Charity and Megan. Later, Cameron is jealous when he sees the girls arrive back with Luke in tow. Cameron heads for a pint while Chas turns on the charm with Luke. Cameron knows it's for his benefit, but Chas tells him that she can do what she wants. Whilst waiting for Chas and Luke to stop flirting, an argument erupts between Charity and Megan.  Megan slaps Charity.  Elsewhere, an exhausted Zak lies to Lisa that he's been to see the doctor, Gennie drags herself into work but finds Charity at her desk, while Nicola is surprised by Jimmy's willingness to go through with the vasectomy as Carl gives him a knowing smile.


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