Cameron plays the doting boyfriend with Debbie, but his mind is still on Chas. Debbie then heads off on a shopping trip with Charity, leaving Cameron looking after Sarah. Chas sees that he has a plan. After putting Sarah to bed, Cameron comes downstairs and Chas gives into temptation, kissing him passionately. They're nearly caught by Marlon and Cain, but are alerted when Marlon knocks some boxes over. Later, Chas is sickened to realise the implications of what she's doing when Sarah shows her a picture she's drawn of her family. She covers when Marlon sees she's struggling, before telling Cameron they can't carry on and as far as she's concerned it never happened. Meanwhile, Katie has spent the night at Gennie's after walking out on Declan. Megan is taken aback by how hurt Declan is, seeing the depth of his feelings for Katie. Later in The Woolpack, Declan apologises to Katie, desperate to win her back. Katie softens slightly, but is adamant that they can't be together unless they are a team. Elsewhere, Jimmy seems troubled after a phone call, Amelia offers Jacob a biscuit and Ali is mortified that she can't read the packet to see if they contain nuts, Gennie insists that she's well enough to go back to work and is livid to discover Charity is getting praise for her 'secret' contact, while Cain swaps his crutches for a walking stick at the hospital.


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