Brenda is intrigued when Bob drives off without saying where he's going. At the same time, Jimmy is behaving strangely, so Carl tries to find out what's going on. Soon afterwards, Carl takes an intriguing call from Bob and demands that Jimmy tells him the truth. Jimmy finally admits that he got a call from Kelly yesterday. Carl warns Jimmy that he'll have to come clean to Nicola, but before he does, she opens the front door to see Bob with Elliot in tow and a suitcase. Nicola realises this isn't a surprise to Jimmy and is furious. Bob explains that Kelly has met a bloke and gone to America with him for six months. Nicola flatly refuses to have Elliot stay, but Jimmy puts his foot down. Meanwhile, Ruby is delighted when Ali tells her that she's spoken to Dan about the divorce and has called a solicitor, but Ali has to ask Rachel for help in reading the paperwork. Later, in the factory, Lisa asks Ali to cover the quality control as she has to rush and collect Samson. Ali worries that she can't read it, but afterwards she's confident that it all went smoothly. Elsewhere, Chas and Cameron wonder where they go from here, Charity is busted by Gennie on the phone to a client, while Edna and Alan are concerned about Sandy when they discover that he wants to go into a home.


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