Jai and Nikhil are horrified when Gennie takes a call from a client who has received the wrong chocolates. As the fiasco escalates, Jai and Nikhil warn the factory staff that they'll get to the bottom of it. Ali and Lisa panic over whether they should come clean, but Lisa feels she has no choice but to admit that she left Ali in charge so she could collect Samson. When Ali denies this, Lisa is dumbstruck and berates her as a liar before walking out, emotional and furious. However, Ali is caught when Lizzie knows that she's lying and has no choice but to await her fate. Jai calls round to apologise to Lisa, while Ali arrives home in floods of tears, telling Sean and Ruby that she's been sacked and feels like she can never do anything right. Meanwhile, Laurel tells Ashley and Sandy that the care home has a room available. However, Laurel is uncomfortable at the strange atmosphere between Ashley and Sandy. Later, Laurel tells Gabby and Arthur that Sandy is moving away. They quiz Sandy about moving out, but Laurel is clear that Sandy won't be going unless it's perfect for him. Elsewhere, Nicola resolves to be the bigger person and agrees to take Elliot to a fancy dress party with Angel, Megan sees how much Declan is hurting, Katie confides in Andy, while Brenda is distracted by daydreaming about Eric - to the annoyance of Gennie and Bob.


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