Laurel and Ashley get Sandy ready for his visit to the care home. However, Laurel is stunned when Gabby mentions the time that Ashley pushed Sandy over. Laurel questions Gabby, but she clams up when Ashley comes in - leaving Laurel in turmoil. At the care home, Laurel gets Sandy alone, but he is too uncomfortable to tell her what's been going on. Laurel can tell that he's hiding something, and Ashley is concerned when he sees them talking. On the way out, Sandy sits exhausted on a bench while Ashley heads to the car. Laurel pleads with him to tell her the truth, and she takes his hand as tears begin to fall down his face. Meanwhile, Megan tries to get Katie to go back to Declan, but Katie doesn't appreciate her interfering. Gennie and Charity are amused by Katie's inscrutable attitude about Declan. Katie makes Declan sweat by telling him that she'll consider having dinner with him. Later, however, Declan is delighted when Katie decides to give him a second chance. Elsewhere, Ruby finds out that Ali lied about why she was sacked, while Amy tells Victoria about her suspicions regarding Eric and Brenda, who succumb to temptation again.


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