Laurel continues to plead with Sandy to confide in her, but he's adamant that there's nothing to tell. Soon afterwards, Laurel visits Rachel to find out what she said to social services about Sandy. The awful reality starts to sink in for Laurel when Rachel's version of events starts to make sense. At the same time, Ashley grows agitated, questioning Sandy about where Laurel's concerns have come from. Ashley then rushes out to find Laurel and is terrified to see her chatting to Rachel. Ashley returns home and becomes increasingly threatening towards Sandy, until he finally snaps and hits him. A shocked Laurel stands in the doorway, having seen everything. Meanwhile, Ruby is determined to get an answer out of Ali, and is shocked to discover that she can't read. She's understanding when Ali explains about her illiteracy, and is concerned to see the extent of her shame and embarrassment. Later, Sean goes to the factory to appeal for Ali's job, telling Jai and Nikhil the real reason that she messed up. Elsewhere, Amy gets confirmation that Eric and Brenda are seeing each other, Jai gets Gennie to book Charity a flight to Cologne to meet a potential client, while Declan surprises Katie with a new car and Megan enjoys winding him up about buying affections.


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