A panicked Laurel rushes to Sandy, screaming at Ashley to keep away. Disgusted with himself, Ashley runs from the house. Laurel tends to Sandy and asks him how many times this has happened. Sandy tearfully admits this was the first time Ashley actually hit him. Laurel then vows to look after Sandy and takes him round to Edna's house while she goes to find Ashley. Later, Laurel finds Ashley back at home and demands to know what's been going on. Ashley claims that he lost control for one second, but Laurel is incredulous at his denial and challenges him with what she knows. She gradually realises that Ashley has been taking out his anger on Sandy over her feelings for Marlon. In tears and unable to comprehend what Sandy has been through, Laurel walks out. Meanwhile, a make-up party for the girls is in full swing. Later, Carl and Megan are put out when Katie mussels in on their cosy ride home. Returning to Home Farm, Carl is taken aback by Megan's new forward approach as she kisses him passionately. But he happily goes along with it when she claims that sometimes women just need some fun. Elsewhere, Jai offers Ali the job back on the condition that she enrols in an adult literacy class and apologises to Lisa, while Brenda throws a drink in Eric's face when she overhears him telling Amy that his new romance is just a bit of fun.


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