Laurel struggles to cope as she tells Ashley that they need to start acting normally to stop people talking, but she explains that she still can't leave him alone with his dad. The pair try to put on a united front as they go to the pub, but Rachel watches them have a heated exchange and realises that Laurel doesn't want Sandy to be left alone with his son. Ashley fumes at her accusations as Rachel tells a shocked Diane what has been going on. Diane is furious and leads Rachel into the back, but a tearful Laurel finally admits to Diane that Rachel is telling the truth. Later, Laurel arrives home and tells a horrified Ashley that Diane knows the truth. Laurel is aghast that Ashley is concerned about his career and thinks he should be putting things right for the family. Ashley pleads with Laurel for forgiveness, but is devastated when she tells him that she feels pressured and doesn't even know how to love him anymore. Meanwhile, Ali covers when Jai asks her how the class went. Soon afterwards, however, Ruby is shocked when a tearful Ali admits that she didn't go. They go home to find Dan playing video games, and when he flirts with Ali, she threatens to stop his access to the kids. Dan is hurt and tells Ali that she needs him, but is gutted when he realises that Ruby and Sean know about her secret of not being able to read. Elsewhere, Megan invites Carl to the pub as she feels bad about what happened the other night, Declan is shocked to discover that Robbie previously wrote to Megan and she ignored him, Lisa tells Zak that he needs to get ready for his appointment and he feels guilty over what he's putting Lisa through, while the chemistry sizzles between Chas and Cameron and their feelings take over as they kiss passionately.


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