Diane is shocked to see Sandy's injury, and Laurel knows Diane is right when she insists that they can't make it go away themselves and the situation has to be dealt with properly. Later, Ashley is dressed for church but is worried about who'll be there. He reminds Laurel that he forgave her when she did something wrong, but Sandy snaps and Ashley is aghast at his dad's tone. Sandy voices months of pent-up rage at Ashley, and both are shocked by his outburst. Sandy tells Ashley to go and Laurel is concerned as Sandy sits down, exhausted. He is resolute after his outburst and Laurel knows they've crossed a line - there's no going back. At church, Ashley tries to talk to Edna and she is struck by his helplessness as he pleads with her. However, Ashley is devastated by Edna's ultimatum when she tells him that it's wrong to make everyone hide his shame. Meanwhile, Ruby has a packed lunch for Ali to take to her class. Ali insists she will go, but has her fingers crossed behind her back. Later, after school, Sean is furious when Kieron and his mates insult Ali about her literacy class, and a worried Belle watches on. Back at home, Ruby and Rachel are pleased that Ali enjoyed her class. Ruby gives Sean a box of cakes for helping his mum, but is surprised by his angry attitude. Elsewhere, Megan warns Declan not to meddle in her business, Brenda gets a text from Pollard wanting to talk but Gennie thinks she should ignore him, while Priya and Rishi arrive to stay with Jai and Nikhil as they've been arguing with Georgia.


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