Ashley arrives at the pub, announcing to everyone that he's done something terrible and they all need to know. Ashley then openly admits to hitting Sandy. Nicola takes Gabby out and heads off to warn Laurel about what Ashley is doing. Soon afterwards, back at the cottage, Ashley is devastated as he tries to talk to Gabby and sees that she's scared of him after what she heard in the pub. However, Laurel has no pity and asks Ashley to leave. At the pub, everyone is talking about Ashley and Sandy, although Edna thinks they shouldn't be gossiping. Later, Laurel finds Ashley at the church and finally tells him that it's over. Meanwhile, Brenda arrives at the B&B after having her hair and make-up done. However, she is mortified when Amy implies that Pollard is messing her around. Later, Bob finds Brenda crying and she tells him that Amy has made her feel like an idiot. Brenda gets drunk on wine with Bob and tells him all about her and Pollard's relationship. Bob is polite but eventually tells her that it's time she went. Elsewhere, Nikhil asks Gennie if he can stay over as he is already sick of Rishi and Priya, Cameron struggles with his guilt over Chas and suggests a night out to Debbie, Priya complains about the pressure from her mum to have a baby, while Jai admits that he might want a kid of his own.


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