On the moors, Zak is frantic as he continues to talk to an imaginary Butch and Shadrach. He is dangerously close to falling as Cain watches. Cain plays along with Zak's imaginary conversations and manages to get him to step away. Suddenly, however, Zak pulls away in a panic - leaving them both dangerously near the edge. Cain staggers but gets up, putting Zak in a headlock until he falls unconscious. When Zak comes round, he panics - not knowing where he is. At the Dingles', everyone is delighted when Lisa suddenly gets a call to say that Zak has been found. At the hospital, Belle wants to see her father, but Lisa notices that all is not well with Zak. Dr Stamford arrives to question Cain about what happened on the moors and Cain reveals the extent of Zak's behaviour. Meanwhile, it's extremely awkward and uncomfortable when Ashley enters Mulberry Cottage, especially as Gabby does not want to see him. Sandy also makes it clear to Ashley that he is not yet ready to re-engage with him. As Ashley leaves, he suggests the children could come for dinner the following day. Laurel reluctantly agrees, but has misgivings. Elsewhere, Rachel is jealous at how well Holly and David are getting along, Alicia is envious when Holly, Adam, David and Rachel go into town leaving her at work, while Nicola envies Jai's attitude towards his stepson Noah.


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