Belle is upset as she thinks that the ban on visiting hospital is Lisa's decision. At the café, Belle pours her heart out to Sean, but he's preoccupied with looking at Ruby. Belle notices this and suggests to Bob that Ruby shouldn't be allowed to work in the café after what she did. As Belle begins to make a scene, Bob shocks her by explaining that it was Sean who kissed Ruby. Sean is mortified. Back at the Dingle house, Sean admits to Belle that he kissed Ruby. Belle then makes him leave before bursting into tears. Later, Belle questions her mum on her love for Zak. Lisa recommends they should leave visiting Zak for a few weeks - for his sake. Meanwhile, Eric warns Amy to change her attitude towards Brenda. As the pair are heading to the shops together, Eric hopes they'll find they have things in common. However, as they walk to the bus stop, Amy makes it clear to Brenda that they are not friends - they are just out shopping. Brenda is hurt by this but continues to try with Amy. Elsewhere, Ashley feels out of place as Jude, Edna and Alan discuss church matters without his input, while Jimmy notices Nicola's growing affection for Elliot.


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