In the court interview room, Alicia is terrified at the thought of the judge looking at her file. Over at the shop, David is dressed for court but is annoyed at Amy for allowing Jacob the day off school. He agrees to Amy and Victoria looking after the youngster, but this doesn't go down well with Val. David explains that Jacob is worried about his mum, but Val is unsympathetic, arguing that Alicia should have thought about him before punching her. Later, outside the court, Alicia is forced to admit that she has a previous conviction for assaulting one of her mum's carers. David tries to console her, but the solicitor suggests it could be bad news - Alicia could be sent to prison. Meanwhile, at the burger bar, Oli is surprised when Ashley reluctantly tells him that he is an ex-vicar. Ashley is hurt when Oli immediately tells Gareth and Gareth mocks him. Later, Ashley tells Rodney that he gave away some leftover bread rolls to homeless people on his way home. Rodney is encouraging, but suggests that Ashley should keep a window open while at work as he smells of fried food. Elsewhere, Chas and Cameron are almost caught by Debbie in The Woolpack's toilets, while Hannah knows that Holly has a secret job interview for a trainee designer position.


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